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Tim Myatt PhD
Author Tim Myatt PhD
Date 4th September 2017

We know that the organisations we work with expect Oxford Risk Rating Online to be reliable, secure, easy to use, and intuitive – both for their advisers, and end-user clients.  This is true whether the organisation is a major international bank, or a small IFA; and we tailor our ongoing support accordingly.

Oxford Risk Rating Online is designed to be easy to use, but complex and detailed enough to generate all the information necessary to assist the adviser when working with their clients. The instructions for advisers are clear and easy to follow, and pages are laid out in a way that follows naturally through the advice process. Client records are clearly labelled to inform the adviser if an assessment has been sent, received, opened, completed, and approved.

For larger organisations, Oxford Risk Rating Online can be customised to include both adviser and assistant users. Assistants don't have all the powers associated with a full adviser user, but are able to set up new clients, send assessments, and download PDF reports. Having an assistant can help save the adviser time, and allow them to delegate some of the functions of Oxford Risk Rating Online. An assistant can act on behalf of one or more advisers in any given organisation or affiliate.

Organisations can also be set up with a “super admin” user, who can not only set up new affiliates, advisers, and clients, but also reset passwords, and archive users who have left the organisation.

Oxford Risk is always on hand to help and support users of the site. Our Service Level Agreements have a clearly defined path of escalation for all support issues, each with associated response times. We work closely with our web developers, partner organisations, and in-house analytics teams to monitor the functions of the site, and ensure that it is kept up to date and as secure as possible against potential vulnerabilities and attacks.

Updates and new functionalities are thoroughly tested in advance on dedicated staging platforms, and we only deploy new features outside of  your office hours. Notifications on the site and in emails to organisations keep our users abreast of news, and of any necessary downtime that might be associated with the deployment of new features and security upgrades. 

If you have any questions or support issues please don't hesitate to contact the support desk on 020 3941 2801 or support@oxfordrisk.com