The fourth podcast covers Evolution Game Theory

Professor Lord John Krebs and Professor Alex Kacelnik discuss Evolution Game Theory and investor parallels with animal risk behaviour

Gillan Williams
Author Gillan Williams
Date 11th November 2016

Oxford Risk Podcast

The latest podcast by Oxford Risk delves into some of the research and discussions conducted when developing their investor risk profiling system. Professor Lord John Krebs and Professor Alex Kacelnik have dedicated many years to researching risk behaviour in plants and animals and are widely recognised as experts in risk assessment.

Among the points discussed is the interesting parallels between decision making in animals and investors when faced with a risky dilemma. They also provide interesting insights into Evolution Game Theory, often mentioned by economists, and how it relates to investor risk profiling.


Questions covered:

  • Are humans the only animals on the planet that have to make risky decisions?
  • Does this mean they are mathematicians?
  • Lessons for investors
  • What is Evolution Game Theory?

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