Research from OR Director Prof Alex Kacelnik

One of our Directors, Prof Alex Kacelnik, has been making the news this morning.

Tim Myatt PhD
Author Tim Myatt PhD
Date 3rd September 2014

He was interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s flagship Today Show this morning (listen to the interview here), and his research has attracted the interests of many of today’s papers.

Alex is Oxford University Professor of Behavioural Ecology, and a founding Director of Oxford Risk.

Alex’s current research, published today in the Proceedings of the Royal Society, investigates the social transmission of tool use and tool manufacture in Goffin cockatoos. You can read the research paper here, and also see the BBC report on the cockatoo’s impressive ability to learn from one another here.

You can read Alex’s full biography here, and more news coverage in the New Scientist, and ITV.

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