Decumulation specific risk tolerance questionnaire

Now available from Oxford Risk.

Gillan Williams
Author Gillan Williams
Date 20th December 2016

Decumulation specific risk tolerance questionnaire

Oxford Risk have developed a new risk tolerance questionnaire, formulated specifically for investors entering the decumulation stage of their life. A great deal of investment opportunities are available to people nearing retirement, but the liberalisation of the pensions market has also left a gap in the availability of suitable risk tolerance assessment tools.

Investors’ priorities change as they go from accumulating to decumulating wealth, and our research has revealed that investors also have distinct risk tolerance profiles when they consider retirement compared with other goals. To help advisors offer the most relevant advice possible, we have revised and recalibrated our standard risk tolerance questionnaire on the basis of our internal research of older investors.

Our standard questionnaire remains the market leader for investor risk profiling, and if you require a solution for profiling older investors, we strongly encourage you talk to us about implementing the new format.

For our existing clients, the new decumulation questionnaire can be used as an add-on to your current setup. We can also tailor the Oxford Risk Rating Online system specifically for older investors, if that is your market niche.

For more information on decumulation and the new and improved questionnaire, please contact Andre Correia.


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