Building trust in a volatile environment

There are hints of a recession which will likely lead to a decrease in investor confidence. At times like this, you have to be able to offer reassurance to new and existing customers

Gillan Williams
Author Gillan Williams
Date 12th August 2016

Being able to achieve detailed insight into your investor’s tolerance, suitability and capacity for risk, you can demonstrate greater industry intelligence than your competitors. By simply offering this level of service, the perception will be that you are taking the importance of their investment’s performance seriously. This alone will build trust, but not nearly as much as a stable portfolio.

Association with the prestige and track-record of Oxford University will also go a long way in ensuring your customers trust that the recommendations you make are rooted in tested and reliable methods.

Unfortunately, not all investments will perform according to expectations. If this does happen, have you taken the steps necessary to ensure your customer’s lifestyles are not impacted too heavily? In this instance, being able to demonstrate that you took all possible measures to try and stop this from happening will help to rebuild and maintain a lasting relationship. Whilst it is not possible to offer 100% certainty in returns, by using the Oxford Risk Rating system, you are able to show you undertook due diligence up to the highest standards possible.

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