The trouble with cool heads is that they make plans for other cool heads, when in fact they should be making plans for an entirely different beast.Selecting good investments is important, but achieving good investment outcomes is more so.Personal feelings may feel too nebulous for the numbers-driven world of investing. Yet investing is a human activity, and humans buy stories, not numbers.

Never gamify at the expense of accuracy. Gimmicky games trivialise risk tolerance, they do not test it.Helping clients navigate complexity is better than pretending it can be cost-effectively avoided. The real returns from an understanding of the customer are preferable to an artificial understanding by the customer.Humans and tech perform best when they play together. Managing moving financial and emotional parts benefits from blending human and technological qualities.

The lowered valuations of assets is not important, only the value when you need to withdraw years in the future. You’re much better to sit tight and wait, rather than to exit when markets are down.Try to avoid watching the markets day to day as this will just increase your anxiety to no useful end.Focus on the things that you can control: postpone discretionary spending wherever possible and put inessential financial goals on the backburner for the time being.