About Us

Red Line

Experts in behavioural finance

Founded in 2002 by leading decision science academics from Oxford University, we are experts in behavioural finance and financial well-being.

We understand how people perceive risk, make judgements about risk, and behave in risky situations. We know how best to elicit and convey information to ensure those perceptions, judgements, and behaviours reflect true intent.

We apply behavioural finance expertise and technology to help our clients deliver superior advice and service more efficiently.

Benefits of behavioural finance based solutions:

Stronger Compliance

Produce more consistent and objective advice with a robust digital audit trail and future proof regulatory requirements.

Reduced Costs

Engaging digital delivery streamlines human decision processes, improves efficiency and focuses human effort
where it is most valuable.

Increased Revenue

Deeper client insight and engagement increases satisfaction, ultimately driving share of wallet and word of mouth referrals.