About Oxford Risk

Applied behavioural science. The best possible decisions.

The best possible decisions are based on a perfect balance of:

  • Understanding personality traits and willingness to take risks.

  • Behaviour that influences decision making.

  • Experience that informs decision making as you learn and grow.

  • Evolving ability to take risk. 

  • Technological support for human expertise. 

Oxford Risk achieves that balance by taking an academic approach to real-world situations and applying it in a way that works for and is accessible to everyone. 

The ‘best possible’ is not static, nor is it an end point. It is constantly moving and evolving along with individuals’ needs, goals, environment and risk factors. 

Oxford Risk is the embodiment of dynamic expertise: always moving, always learning, always excelling. 

Oxford Risk has a uniquely powerful heritage. It is a product of Oxford University and retains active links with academic institutions around the world, with which it shares learning and technology. 

Oxford Risk is dedicated to developing suitability solutions. Its three founding members have a rich understanding of risk psychology, behavioural economics and human decision making. 

This pedigree is woven through the suitability solutions, which incorporate not only risk tolerance, but also behaviour, psychology and emotions in a scientific, consistent and methodical manner, to enable well informed, evidence-based decisions. 


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