Version 2020.3

1. New ways of creating a client and starting an assessment profile


When starting a profile, if you search for a client who doesn’t yet exist, you’ll now see a clear option to create a new client.


When you create a new client, we now show an abbreviated client details form, so that you can enter the client’s name, title and email address without having to leave the start profile process. 


All of these fields are optional, so you can leave the form blank if you want to create an anonymous client or to fill in the details later.

2. Email profile links to clients

For clients with email addresses, you can now send an invitation to complete their profile without leaving the Oxford Risk platform. Simply click the ‘send email’ button on the last page of the start profile process, and our system will send them a link to their assessment.


3. User groups

Groups make it easy for company admins to keep users organised, and to control permissions of who can see what. A group could represent an office (e.g. London), a team of people who work on something specific (e.g. Charities), or just a collection of advisers and assistants who often work together.

Any company admin can create a group, and then add adviser and assistant users to it. If you want all advisers in a group to be able to see and work with a common set or clients, tick the box allowing them to view each others clients.

Add the advisers and assistants who form the group, then click the Assistants tab to customise which assistant(s) work with each adviser. You can also toggle on or off the email notifications for each assistant, which are sent when an adviser’s client completes an assessment.