Version 2020.1

What's new in March

We’ve been working hard on incorporating your feedback into our tool, and we have made a couple of changes to make sure you can rely on our tool when you can’t rely on your internet connection.

1. Better handling of poor internet connections

Occasionally, data can get lost on its way from your computer to our servers. So, while it looked like you or a client answered a question and successfully moved onto the next one, the answer didn’t get saved and the report wouldn’t generate.  


We’ve made a couple of changes to avoid issues when the internet doesn’t cooperate. First, if you or a client lose connectivity while taking an assessment, you will see a warning message right away instead of being allowed to move onto the next question. Second, when quick filling or editing an assessment, we now highlight any essential questions that aren’t filled in, so it’s easier to find any missing information. 

2. Updates to our privacy notice

Now I know what you’re thinking – when a tech company says they’ve updated their privacy policy, it means they’ve started doing something sketchy with the data. Fear not! We have simply rewritten our privacy notice so that it is more client-friendly, because our old policy was mostly written for your benefit. 


When you send an assessment to one of your clients, you’re transferring some of their data to us. Clients can find our privacy notice by clicking the help menu in the bottom-right corner of the assessment screen, but you might want to send them our notice before you start a profile for them: You can also find that link in the ‘your account’ dropdown menu on your dashboard. 

3. Question text updates

Our questionnaires are designed using psychometric principles, which means that they are tested by our team of behavioural scientists to ensure that they are easy for users to understand, quick to answer, and provide relevant information. Occasionally, our analysis reveals that some questions need to be edited or replaced. 


If your company’s assessment needs to be updated, we will soon get in touch with your account administrator to discuss the changes. 

4. Bug fixes

With your helpful feedback, we’ve been able to fix a number of small bugs in our system:  

  • Sometimes the cancel button on the financial circumstances and goals assessment didn’t work correctly 
  • The client version of the balance sheet chart now uses your custom company colours 
  • The dates associated with future income and spending are now displayed correctly on the balance sheet table 
  • Sometimes the suitable risk level wouldn’t show up correctly after adding a mapped fund to a report 
  • You can now add comments up to 4,000 characters